V51-11 Lymington to Gosport

We left Lymington mid-morning as there is no way of avoiding the tide-against in the Solent today. It does not really matter; it is a short leg to Gosport where we will moor in the Haslar Marina for a few days (this is a sister boatfolk marina to our home port – Portishead).

Molia tied up in Haslar Marina. Good facilities and a short walk to the Portsmouth ferry.

We will stay here to see the sights.

21 June 2024

We got the Portsmouth ferry and went to the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard to see some warships.

Starting with HMS Warrior (1860).

Jo loads the forward gun on the ‘monitor’ HMS M.33 (1915)

We had a look at what is left of the Mary Rose (1510) and the vast collection of contemporary artifacts retrieved from in and around it.

22 June 2024

Today is submarine museum day. This part of the historic dockyard is located in Gosport.

In the nearly two days we have been here, we really had not noticed the huge post-war submarine immediately behind the marina!

Can you spot it?

HMS Alliance (1945) was built at the end of WWII but did not serve until after. It is complete.

HMS Holland 1 (1901) was the first ever submarine built by the Royal Navy and was recovered from the seabed.

Would you go to sea in either of these?