Competent Crew

The newly promoted competent crew (Niv and Steve) accompanied this time by Lou.

The ‘usual’ visit to the cruise liners, then Durdle Door and Lulworth Cove. Perfect day with a 10-12 knot easterly. 28 NM.

Allman Visit

Mike, Clare, Will, Meg and Angus visited Moila Tuesday 28 and Wednesday 29 July. We played Uno on Tuesday evening, and went for a sail on Wednesday.

Molia’s youngest helm to date!

Visiting the cruise liners, then on to Durdle Door. Perfect day with a 8-10 knot easterly, and some sea breeze. 21 NM.

We took delivery of a new flagstaff and ensign.

Dorset Coast

34 NM took us up the Dorset coast to St Alben Head and back.

Parked cruise ships are a feature of the Weymouth Road right now. 1024
Durdle Door 1104

Dartmouth to Weymouth

60 NM in very little wind. We motored most of the way with a strong tide with us. We made very good time and got to Portland Bill at about slack water. We then followed the advice of the pilot book and gave it a wide berth (3-4 NM) – we went around both the Shambles bank cardinals. This paid off massively as the tide turned against. We watched two yachts who were trying to use the inner channel get swept backwards, and then eventually have to give up!

Leaving Dartmouth at 0600
Dolphins off the bow
Molia in Weymouth 1643

Dingy Test

Despite its size, our 2.9m 3D Superlight Twin Air tender was unpacked and inflated in about 15 minutes. Greatly assisted by an enthusiastic crew!

Mounting the outboard can be done in 2 stages. First the motor, shaft and tiller, and then clip the battery on top. This means each part is lighter and easier.

The ePropulsion is unbelievably quiet!

But it pushes along the tender very nicely.

New Propeller Fitted

Our shiny new propeller is now fitted to Molia’s saildrive.

Nearly ready for a launch! We just need to anti-foul the saildrive and round its seal.

(The saildrive was in the Engineer’s shed when we painted the rest of the hull.)