E19 Soft Cabin

The ‘soft cabin’ uses a couple of curtains to provide some privacy for people sleeping on Molia’s port saloon (double) berth.

We started this idea in our first season, and had a first version finished for use for last season. We have recently finished an upgrade to the arrangement for the 2024 season.

The curtain rail is a Silent Gliss ‘topfix’ made of aluminium, and screwed to the cabin ceiling at about 20cm centres.

In this first version, the span over the hatch is made from net curtain wire, with a short section of rail aft of the wire. This meant that the long curtain had to be partly unhooked to draw it back.

The lateral curtain is fixed to the wall with self-adhesive Velcro pads, and is held back with fabric ties.

This is the first version with the curtains drawn back. The curtains can also be easily completely unhooked and stowed when not required.

The new version has a continuous long track that is bent to avoid the hatch blind. This allows the lengthways curtain to be drawn back without having to unhitch any of the hooks.

We have also added a curtain to the hull window on the port side.