V51-3 Swansea to Padstow

With Tim on board we left Swansea as early as possible, in the first Tawe lock. It is about one hour before low water – but it is neaps. The lock keeper assures us we will be OK as long as we follow the channel (see previous post). We got a good hint from a local as well: the image on Google Maps is quite recent, and conveniently was taken at low water – so have that open as well to guide you in the channel.

This was a ‘no anchoring’ way of getting into Padstow – and anyway the wind was in the NW so Stepper Point is not suitable. So we motored around in Padstow Bay for an hour until the tide started to fill; then went up the river as it was getting dark. We tied up next to a ferry to wait for the harbour gate to open.

Moored in Padstow harbour 00:41

2 June 2024

A day in Padstow – we set off very early on the tide tomorrow.