v51-8 Dartmouth to Portland

Good tide at Portland Bill not until around 2100 – so we are not in a hurry to start (0930). However a very good sailing wind delivers us to within 5 miles of the Bill at around 1800. The boat speed is very fast, and the up-tide race has dissipated, so we take a route between the shore and the Shambles bank. Its a bit rough for about 500m but after that we reach the breakwater at 2000 and are moored up by 2030. Despite the tide against that is an average speed of 5.48 knots (57.4 NM in 11 hours).

We saw dolphins on the way.

We are waiting here for the poor weather to clear.

Niv and Steve have gone home as we will not be sailing again until next week.

V51-5 Newlyn to Mylor

A great sail into Mylor. Unfortunately, the engine suffered a broken exhaust elbow just yards from the pontoon. We managed to tie the boat up – but it will be a job for the engineer tomorrow.

21:33 Mylor sunset
6 June 2024

Staying in Mylor to get the engine fixed.

We are very grateful to Nick Smith, independent marine engineer in Falmouth, for working so hard to get us on our way again. Also to Mitch at Advance Marine back in Portishead for his remote consultations, and to Gerry at Falmouth Yacht Brokers for stocking the parts we needed.

Absolutely top work! – we will be able to leave for Plymouth tomorrow.

V51-3 Swansea to Padstow

With Tim on board we left Swansea as early as possible, in the first Tawe lock. It is about one hour before low water – but it is neaps. The lock keeper assures us we will be OK as long as we follow the channel (see previous post). We got a good hint from a local as well: the image on Google Maps is quite recent, and conveniently was taken at low water – so have that open as well to guide you in the channel.

This was a ‘no anchoring’ way of getting into Padstow – and anyway the wind was in the NW so Stepper Point is not suitable. So we motored around in Padstow Bay for an hour until the tide started to fill; then went up the river as it was getting dark. We tied up next to a ferry to wait for the harbour gate to open.

Moored in Padstow harbour 00:41

2 June 2024

A day in Padstow – we set off very early on the tide tomorrow.

V51-2 Penarth to Swansea

The channel into the Tawe lock at Swansea shows in this picture of the outer harbour:

In preparation for leaving, we had a look at the outer harbour at low water. We could see that from the lock you go to the orange buoy (leave it to port), then following the guidance we got coming in from the lock keeper: make for the red brick building – keeping a straight line from the orange buoy. When you get to the old ro-ro quay, make for the (slightly port-side of the) centre of the outer harbour.

25 May 2024
Rain in Swansea today.
27 May 2024

Walk to Mumbles Head.

28 May 2024

We went to the waterfront museum. This has very good history displays of Welsh industry.

29 May 2024

In the flamboyantly decorated Gigi Gao’s Favourite Authentic Chinese restaurant on the quayside of the Tawe Basin. Watch out the dishes are huge – share each between two!

30 may 2024

Visited the Glynn Vivian Art Gallery situated opposite the Swansea College of Art. One artist shares my idea of old circuit boards as art!

I recommend this gallery.

31 May 2024

Eating the last Welsh cakes – Tim arrives tonight, and we are leaving Wales tomorrow for Cornwall.

V51-1 Portishead to Penarth

We are going a day earlier than planned (Tuesday) because the weather is not good for Wednesday.

Also an early start.

Arrived in Penarth in time for brunch! This is the excellent ‘The Galley‘ café.

So we are in Penarth for a few days. Planning to go to Swansea on Friday.

23 May 2024

Walk to Penarth pier across the beach, then on to Lavernock Point.

Lunch at ‘Sid’s Restaurant and Bar‘ in Penarth (near the pier).