Home from Penarth

Day 10 of our return home from Portland. This was my first solo sail on Molia although I had some help – there was someone there to help me tie up in the Cardiff Bay Barrage lock, and Steve met me in Portishead lock.

Outside the Cardiff Bay Barrage it is difficult to see what all the fuss was about yesterday!

I left in the 1100 lock.

Towards the English side, the wind dropped, so I took the sails down and motored the last bit. Many thanks to Portishead Marina for holding the lock open for 5 minutes so I could just make the 1415.

14:58 Molia tied up in Portishead.

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  1. Fantastic voyage thank you Mark for taking us along, both figuratively and physically. Hope there is still time for catching some trips on our beloved Bristol Channel xxxx

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