Plymouth to Fowey

This is a classic sail for our day 3, and again light wind meant we were able to use the spinnaker. This time on a reach.

So we rigged the pole downhaul further aft using one of the mooring lines (not an ideal rope) as a strop between the base of the mast and a mooring cleat.

This worked much better for pole control – so I will create a more permanent arrangement using some dynema (that won’t stretch) when we get back to base.

As we left Plymouth Sound and entered Cornwall – so we showed St Piran’s flag at the crosstrees once again.


It is always a great pleasure to go into Fowey; and today the weather made the harbour look as though it was in the Mediterranean! We tied up to one of the visitor’s pontoons on the Polruan side, opposite the town.

We inflated the tender to motor over to town for a little shopping. (Tim’s photos)

Seeing as we are in Cornwall, this is our dinner on the boat.