Portishead to Padstow

We set off from Portishead on the lunchtime tide and reached Penarth after a fast sail against the wind. In addition to the first leg crew (Mark and Steve M) we had Pete and Josh M onboard.

Val and Pam drove across to meet us for dinner, and to take Pete and josh home.

We had an excellent meal at The Pilot up on Queens Road above the marina.

Day 2 – Cardiff to Swansea

1st August 2021

A very smooth sail to Swansea on the morning tide. We noticed about half way there that the jib had a couple of sizeable holes in it from yesterday’s trip. After taking the jib down for an inspection, there was some relief that it was a couple of seems that had come undone. Unfortunately we had taken the spare jib off the boat to make more space – so a phone call home and many thanks to Jo and Caroline for driving to Swansea with the other sail in the evening.

As the conditions were good, and the tide was with us, we sailed in the Nash passage inshore of the Nash sands.

Great weather in Swansea.

Day 3 – Swansea to Padstow

2nd August 2021

On another fine day with light winds we left Swansea in the first lock (0700) and motor-sailed across the mouth of the Bristol Channel, past Lundy and arrived in Padstow Bay before dark, just after low tide.

The wind had some north in it, so as we were after low water we tucked ourselves right behind Stepper Point in calm water. However such waves as there were reflected in the bay and rolled Molia during our wait for enough water to enter Padstow. Despite the discomfort, the holding was very good and Molia hardly moved at all – as shown by the ‘anchor watch’ track we recorded on the iPad Navionics chart (zoomed to all the way in).

Day 4 – In Padstow

3rd August 2021

Around 1000 the crowds begin to arrive around the harbour to torment the local crabs with their newly purchased plastic fishing lines and buckets. Crabs are very greedy, and can easily be caught – unfortunately for the moored yachts, the bait of choice seems to be small pieces of uncooked bacon; and we were picking badly aimed ground bait from Molia’s decks for a couple of days after this!

Reviewing the previous evening’s anchorage at Stepper Point from the beach near Doom Bar.

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