Return to Molia 2021

We are optimistic and looking at a programme of sailing for the summer 2021 on Molia.

Reference: RYA return to boating activity in England

From the 12 April we will be able to host 2 households or the rule of 6 sailing on Molia (but not staying). However, the Portishead lock is currently closed for maintenance, so that will have to be sitting on the boat on her mooring until the lock reopens on 19 April. After that – anyone for a local sail?

From the 17 May, all domestic overnight accommodation is open (including hotels and B&Bs) for 2 households or the rule of 6. We are assuming this also means we can stay overnight on Molia, and we are investigating what this might mean for sailing to other marinas.

Of course 21 June is Boris’s full freedom date – watch this space. With luck this will mean all options open.

We are now planning. There should be scope for short overnight trips to Cardiff and Swansea later in May. Our ideas for longer trips are:

  • Round Wales to Conwy, including the Menai straights. 300NM with stops. Approx 5 days.
  • Portland and also the Solent this time. We took 8 days to get back from Portland last year – with comfortable distances (except Padstow to Penarth).

2021 Sailing Planning

Tides are Avonmouth ( = Portishead) BST unless otherwise noted. HT = high water.

1619 – 24 April 2021Local Sailing. HT 1200 Mon, 1818 Sat, 1907 Sun
1725 April – 2 May 2021Local Sailing. HT 1953 Mon, 1102 Sat, 1146 Sun
183 – 9 May 2021Local Sailing. HT 1236 Mon, 1817 Sat, 0638 and 1900 Sun – both these days are good for a down-tide trip (all day).
1910 – 16 May 2021Local Sailing.HT 0720 and 1939 Mon, 1003 Sat, 1032 Sun.
2017 – 23 May 2021 Investigating what trips might be possible. HT 1106 Mon, 1636 Sat, 1741 Sun.

UK schools summer half term holiday 29 May – 6 June 2021

UK schools summer holiday starts 23 July 2021

4 Replies to “Return to Molia 2021”

  1. Looks good. Up Wales trip and south coast looks interesting so will watch with interest how the dates etc pan out! If you fancy a shakedown sail one evening up for that too!

  2. Hi Mark the trip to Conway sounds interesting and longer trip to the south coast also. If you are short of crew for more local trips let me know but given current restrictions will defer to anyone else who would like to go day sailing/Cardiff etc. Best Steve

    1. Looking at possible dates for Wales and Dorset trips. Will depend on lockdown lifting, school half-term (avoiding) and replies from enquiries.

  3. As long as you keep me a place on the boat at all marinas! I’m sure you will have plenty of volunteers for the hard part

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