V44-3 Plymouth to Falmouth

An eventful sail to Falmouth as the engine cooling warning came on when we were approaching Dodman Point. Good work from the crew kept us sailing while I checked the engine cooling circuit, but found nothing wrong. In the end on the advice of Mitch (our engineer from Advance Marine) we executed a 360 degree turn, and that cleared whatever it was – probably wrapped around the water intake.

Arrived Falmouth 1800 – dashed to the nearest restaurant Bodega 18 – excellent tapas.

Port Pendennis Marina – tranquil, tucked in amongst the buildings. This is an Arup (Bristol Office) job for Peter De Savery, built while I was working there.

The inner part of the marina is protected by a sill.

A visit from the Simon, Rosie and James Heald – from St Mawes across the estuary.

We are in Falmouth for a few days to wait for the next crew, and for the Fastnet weather to go past!