Tender to Molia

So the first plan is to take Molia down to a swinging mooring off Dittisham on the River Dart. So we are going to need a tender to get to and from the jetty if the ferry is not running.

Choosing a Tender

We wanted something large enough to take a crew of four safely, but that is not too heavy. So the 3D Superlight Tender Twin Air 290 was our choice. It weighs only 17 kg but is 2.9m long.

Choosing an Outboard

It is not very far from the moorings to the jetty at Dittisham, so this is more something for future use.

In the spirit of ecology we looked at a couple electric outboard motors. These are quite unusual in the UK at present, and are disadvantaged by limited range. However, they have some significant plus points if you do not need a long range:

  • Electric outboards are very clean to store on your boat – no fuel and no oil mess.
  • You can recharge them from multiple sources: shore power, engine or a solar panel.
  • They run very quietly.

Torqeedo Travel

We looked at this make which is becoming quite well known. These motors break into 3 sections for carrying: the handle, the battery and the motor. These units weigh 14.2 kg.


Benefits from not being the first: longer range, quieter and faster battery charging time than the Torqeedo. These units weigh a bit more at 16 kg.

It only breaks into 2 sections for carrying, but its motor is direct-drive, so there is no mechanism above the water – which is what makes it quieter and more efficient.

Not tried it in the water yet – I will let you know.