First Sail 2021 Season

So only 2 things not working at all today. The skipper’s pre-departure checklist, and the anemometer at the masthead.

The first problem became evident a few metres from our berth when the engine stopped. Tim earned a second Molia mug by leaping for one of the new pontoons to hold us, only to be almost immediately informed by the skipper that the engine works just fine if you remember to turn the fuel on!

There was never enough wind to turn the anemometer cups – we hope they are just stuck and will come loose in the next gale.

Our new chartplotter works really well. The autopilot is working to steer the boat, but when it is put on standby it really doesn’t want to let go of the wheel! I think I need to adjust the belt tension. For some reason the crew did not want to try out the revamped deck shower.

The rest of the trip was very enjoyable, included coffee and Garibaldi biscuits – and it did not even rain on us!

Many thanks to today’s crew.