Gas hoses

There are 2 flexible gas hoses that need replacing regularly on a boat to satisfy surveyors and insurers, and keep you safe!

Cylinder Hose – leads from the cylinder valve to the start of the (usually solid) boat gas distribution pipe. On Molia there is a bulkhead connector at the back of the gas locker.

Cooker Hose – this leads from the other end of the boat gas distribution pipe to the cooker.

Orange Hose

Orange is the colour required by BS3212 for uncovered type 2 LPG gas hoses.

BS 3212 – British Standard specification for the performance and dimensional requirements for rubber tubing, hose and complete assemblies for use in LPG vapour phase and LPG/air installations in environments up to a maximum ambient temperature of 60°C.

Status : Superseded, Withdrawn Published : June 1991 Replaced By : BS EN 16436-1:2014+A2:2018, BS EN 16436-2:2018

( BS 3212) 3.1 Classification

a) Type 1: flexible tubing for applications not exceeding 50 mbar working pressure.

b) Type 2: hoses for applications not exceeding 7.5 bar working pressure.

(BS 3212) 3.2 Colour Identification

a) Type 1 shall be black.

b) Type 2 shall have an orange cover …

Hose Connectors

The upper hose has is a 1/4 inch left-hand nut connector. The lower hose has the ‘GOK’ 8mm compression connector of the type used on Molia. (GOK is the German manufacturer of these connectors.)

Small diameter LPG hose connectors should be ‘crimped’ which these are.

Here is one I took apart: the metal ferrule is crimped onto the outside of the orange hose clamping the ‘hose barb’ securely in place.

The fittings must be stainless steel and brass (as illustrated) to comply with UK marine standards.

Cylinder Valve

You should replace the cylinder valve if it is showing signs of corrosion or wear.

First identify the gas bottle type – an excellent help video here from Go outdoors also shows how to fit the valve to the bottle.

Molia has a Camping Gaz R907 bottle. These are popular on continental Europe, and readily available in the UK.

Molia has a Camping Gaz R907 cylinder valve. Only some surface corrosion so we will replace this another time.