V42 In Jersey

We were in Jersey for about 3 weeks. It is a great place to visit, we stayed in the St Helier Marina, and made some day trips.

Tuesday 13 June

To the beach!


And to the Portelet Inn!

Wednesday 14 June

Washing and sorting out.

Thursday 15 June

The lido.

Peter and Shirley arrive.

Friday 16 June

Anna and Rich on the boat as well. Anchored in St Brelade’s Bay.

Swimming around the boat to clean below the waterline! (Video.)

Saturday 17 June

Lido swim in the morning, Portlet Inn dinner, and Anna walks around Jersey – 48 miles!

Shirley at the Noirmont Point battery.

Sunday 18 June

At the museum on a rainy day.

Monday 19 June

Another trip out – to St Ouen’s Bay and back. Some fog to start with today. Then the sun came out and we anchored in St Brelade Bay for a swim.

Tuesday 20 June

The War Tunnels. This is the best museum on Jersey.

Too dark inside for photos – you will have to visit!

Wednesday 21 June

Thursday 22 June

Friday 23 June

Saturday 24 June

Anna and Rayiz on the boat.

Sunday 25 June

Anna and Leah on board

Monday 26 June

Tuesday 27 June

Lunch at the Hungry Whale and Mont Orgueil Castle, Gorey.

Wednesday 28 June

The Botanic Gardens at Samarès Manor.

Thursday 29 June

We borrowed Anna’s hoover and hoovered the boat.

Friday 30 June

Saturday 1 July

St Catherine’s Breakwater

Sunday 2 July

Monday 3 July

The ‘Glass Church’.