V43-1 Jersey to Guernsey

A troubling beginning to the day when the engine failed to start first time. So we decided to keep it on all the way to St Peter Port. This was a very good decision as it turned out that the engine battery had completely failed – and it was very hot by the end of the trip.

Many thanks to Bobby Roland from Boat Mechanical Repairs (BMR) in Guernsey for installing replacement batteries for us (we went for replacing all three as the domestic batteries were not in good condition either).  

Otherwise it was a smooth trip. This time we saw both Sark and Herm.

The Jersey to Guernsey trip is not possible in Molia within a single tide – we will always arrive at Guernsey after the tide has dropped past the sill at St Peter Port, even if we leave St Helier marina as soon as possible.

The harbour master kindly allowed us to tie up to the outer pontoons at St Peter Port that have access to the shore (and water but no power).

Our new batteries.

Herm – 5 July 2003

As we were staying in Guernsey for a day to wait for optimum conditions for the channel crossing to Portland, we took a trip to Herm island on the Trident ferry (http://www.traveltrident.com/ – not secure).

Highly recommended – Herm is incredibly beautiful and peaceful. It has no cars and no bikes! – not that one would be necessary – it is too small. It takes about 2.5 hours to walk completely around the island not counting coffee stops.

There are beach cafes, pubs, a shop and a hotel.

A visit to Saint Tugual’s Chapel is highly recommended.