V43-1 Jersey to Guernsey

A troubling beginning to the day when the engine failed to start first time. So we decided to keep it on all the way to St Peter Port. This was a very good decision as it turned out that the engine battery had completely failed – and it was very hot by the end of the trip.

Many thanks to Bobby Roland from Boat Mechanical Repairs (BMR) in Guernsey for installing replacement batteries for us (we went for replacing all three as the domestic batteries were not in good condition either).  

Otherwise it was a smooth trip. This time we saw both Sark and Herm.

The Jersey to Guernsey trip is not possible in Molia within a single tide – we will always arrive at Guernsey after the tide has dropped past the sill at St Peter Port, even if we leave St Helier marina as soon as possible.

The harbour master kindly allowed us to tie up to the outer pontoons at St Peter Port that have access to the shore (and water but no power).

Our new batteries.

Herm – 5 July 2003

As we were staying in Guernsey for a day to wait for optimum conditions for the channel crossing to Portland, we took a trip to Herm island on the Trident ferry (http://www.traveltrident.com/ – not secure).

Highly recommended – Herm is incredibly beautiful and peaceful. It has no cars and no bikes! – not that one would be necessary – it is too small. It takes about 2.5 hours to walk completely around the island not counting coffee stops.

There are beach cafes, pubs, a shop and a hotel.

A visit to Saint Tugual’s Chapel is highly recommended.

V42 In Jersey

We were in Jersey for about 3 weeks. It is a great place to visit, we stayed in the St Helier Marina, and made some day trips.

Tuesday 13 June

To the beach!


And to the Portelet Inn!

Wednesday 14 June

Washing and sorting out.

Thursday 15 June

The lido.

Peter and Shirley arrive.

Friday 16 June

Anna and Rich on the boat as well. Anchored in St Brelade’s Bay.

Swimming around the boat to clean below the waterline! (Video.)

Saturday 17 June

Lido swim in the morning, Portlet Inn dinner, and Anna walks around Jersey – 48 miles!

Shirley at the Noirmont Point battery.

Sunday 18 June

At the museum on a rainy day.

Monday 19 June

Another trip out – to St Ouen’s Bay and back. Some fog to start with today. Then the sun came out and we anchored in St Brelade Bay for a swim.

Tuesday 20 June

The War Tunnels. This is the best museum on Jersey.

Too dark inside for photos – you will have to visit!

Wednesday 21 June

Thursday 22 June

Friday 23 June

Saturday 24 June

Anna and Rayiz on the boat.

Sunday 25 June

Anna and Leah on board

Monday 26 June

Tuesday 27 June

Lunch at the Hungry Whale and Mont Orgueil Castle, Gorey.

Wednesday 28 June

The Botanic Gardens at Samarès Manor.

Thursday 29 June

We borrowed Anna’s hoover and hoovered the boat.

Friday 30 June

Saturday 1 July

St Catherine’s Breakwater

Sunday 2 July

Monday 3 July

The ‘Glass Church’.

V41-2 Guernsey to Jersey

We decided to go to Jersey today as the mist had gone from the weather forecast, and the wind was moderate.

1219 Leaving St Peter Port in good visibility.

1457 As it turned out, the wind was light, and we soon found the mist – it was in-between the islands! We had the briefest sight of Sark, and then nothing all afternoon.

1729 We came out of the mist at the start of St Brelade’s Bay.

1734 As forecast, St Helier was in full sun! This is Noirmont Point.

1942 St Aubin Bay, Jersey

V41-1 Portland to Guernsey

Will joined us for the trip across The Channel to Guernsey.

A very early start with the tide out along Portland Bill.

Sunrise off Portland Bill 0520.

Visibility about 3 miles when crossing the Traffic Separation Zone (TSZ) north of Alderney. Then punching the tide for a bit before sighting Guernsey, and moving fast down the channel between Guernsey and Sark.

Dolphins visited along the way!

We tied up outside the harbour to wait for enough water to enter, and went for a pizza! We got in the harbour just before 10 pm.

Many thanks to Will for helping us get here!

11 June 2023

Staying in Guernsey for a day – Will has to go home this evening.

V40-10 Dartmouth to Portland

Coming out of Dartmouth to start our crossing of Lyme Bay was quite windy – and not in the direction forecast! We made a few tacks, and then decided to go right into the bay as far as Torquay to get a better angle. By the afternoon, the predicted drop in the wind and blue sky appeared and we motored the remaining distance across.

Arriving at the Bill of Portland at just the right moment, we followed a local boat (from Paignton we learned later in the evening) round the Bill on the ‘inside track’. The tide on the west side is going south at the same time as the last remains of the ebb further out. This means you get whirled around the Bill to meet the flood going up to Portland on the other side.

We did 10 knots across the ground (video) going past the lighthouse!

A well deserved dinner at the excellent ‘The Kitchen’ restaurant on the harbour.

This is the end of part one – the next instalment is our plan to go to Jersey.

V40-9 Plymouth to Dartmouth

We decided to have a go at the next leg to Dartmouth as the weather forecast was showing a gradual lowering of the wind speed (from the East) over the day.

All quiet going out of Plymouth. We had 26 knots across the deck at Bolt Head (near Salcombe) and the wind and sea state dropped as promised for the last leg in Start Bay. We had the second reef in all day!

V40-8 Plymouth with Allmans

Clare and Mike and Angus are onboard for a few days based in the Mayflower Marina in Plymouth. We are doing a couple of day sails.

28 May 2023

Out to Wembury Bay and back.

29 May 2023

Up the river to the bridges, past Devonport.

30 May 2023

On the ferry (not Molia) across to Mount Edgcumbe house and country park.